Twelth day of Christmas

Down it comes:
sparkling cards: reindeers, berries, mangers, snowmen, santas, holly, haloed babies, icicles, wise men, snowflakes, candles…..
Family red robins: births, successes, prides, illnesses, deaths.
Bauble, ribbon, glittery cone, tinsel,
Flashing lights
Electric wires
plastic tree
Boxed back
Into the attic.

Good whilst it was here,
Glad it has gone.

Unobstructed views again out to the horizon


5 thoughts on “Twelth day of Christmas

  1. What is this “Death-tinted Glassses” stuff? I prefered the “Writings and ramblings …” theme. I found it quite pithy. I konw that man, from Pharoah to today’s Christian, has always worried about death but how does this preoccupation or the perspective that our time is limited make the world look awesome and mysterious? I suggest that birth and our collective need to procreate the species is more awesome and more mysterious than death. What am I missing? I like your piece about the glasses sometimes being lost and / or mislaid but I still don’t get it. Jane

    • Knowing that life is limited keeps it precious and helps us to savour the moment and see the awesome mysterious side of things that we might otherwise miss (for instance by doing duller passive stuff like watching TV under the illusion that we have all the time in the world). So it isnt that recalling our mortality makes the world awesome and mysterious but that it helps us to keep re-seeing that it is. Keeping death in mind helps us separate out what is meaningful and important from what is frivolous. This works for me anyway. Also we wouldnt need birth and procreation if we didnt have death so they are really two sides of the same coin. Most people however are happy to talk about life and birth, but many dismiss talking about death as being overly morbid – so this part of things becomes taboo for some, which I think is ultimately restricting – limitiing us to a ‘tyranny of positivity’ – where everything has to be framed as upbeat/light/positive and blinding us to a deeper perception of reality that goes beyond positive and negative, light and dark.

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