Grave humour, Epitaph musings 3

No writing about epitaphs would be complete however without passing on some of the humour that sometimes thankfully surfaces.

This seems to fall into four main categories:
1. Jokes relating to a person’s Profession (today’s topic)
2. Jokes relating to a person’s Name (tomorrow)
3. Jokes relating to the person’s life and how they have been perceived. (the day after)
4. General jokes (The day after that)

Jokes relating to a person’s profession

– Auctioneer: Born 1828, going, going, gone 1876
– Coalminer: ‘Gone underground for good’
– Spinster: Returned unopened.
– Actress: She sleeps alone, at last.
– Dentist: Approach this spot with gravity! John Brown is filling his last cavity.
– Grave digger: Hooray my brave boys, Lets rejoice at his fall. For if he had lived. He would have buried us all.
– Coroner – he lived and died by suicide (not so funny)
– Attorney: “The defence rests”
– Brewer: G. Winchlies buried here. In life he was both hale and stout. Death brought him to his bitter bier. Now in heaven he hops about.
– Painter: A finished artist.
– Author: he has written ‘Finis’
– Teacher “School is out. Teacher has gone home.”
– Travelling Salesman. My trip is ended, send my samples home.
And my favourite:
– Waiter: God finally caught his eye.

Know any others? (or even want to invent some) – contributions welcome.


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