My own epitaph (please!)

Wyon Stansfeld
Born 1955 Died 20XX

I’m not asleep, I’m not at rest,
I don’t await you with the bless’d,
Or burn in hades with the rest.
I’m not now ash or rotting gore,
We won’t re-meet on a distant shore,
For I have no soul. I am no more.
I’m not in you, nor in the air,
Not in sweet bliss, nor dark despair,
In truth I am not anywhere.
Not passed beyond, not gone ahead,
Farewell dear friends, that’s it, I’m dead.


3 thoughts on “My own epitaph (please!)

  1. Erudite you get the point across but, seriously, do you want this etched in stone? I like it as a poetic form – the rythm and rhyme are good and not forced. Should “blessed” be blesss’d to go with rest? I like the break in the rhyming scheme with the final two line couplet for emphasis – very Shalespearean!
    Love, Jane

    • Maybe I do want it in stone – but I am waiting for a quote on the cost implications of this before deciding. Not if it is v expensive as the money would be better spent on charity. Funny I pronounce blessed like ‘blest’ anyway – so this could be an anglo/american difference.

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