Out of unconscious
she defines herself –
a cell wall staking out
a translucent edge
within, and against,
the particle swirl.
And, by passing on,
-our life begins-
splitting to the rhythm
of sun-beat, season, era..

…Later, much changed,
we find places where the sea
sweeps up the steaming hardness
and crawl, flipper-clumsy,
into the unknown.


The woman,
hair sweat-matted,
waters long broken,
doubles in twisted stretch,
screaming inside out
at the cutting edge of the long night
and our blood-slimy
mitochondrial ancestor
inches onto the foot-packed mud,
and breathes her first air…

…Later we, her descendants,
cradling the ancient push for separation,
follow the arch of cliff against sea,
then cross over,
into a new unknown.
leaving the dark continent of our birth


2 thoughts on “Eve

  1. This one is profound and takes more than one reading! I see that you brought birth into the complete circle of life – much in tune with your blog’s thematic glasses. Where did the inspiration come from, a friend’s new baby or ??? Congratulations Wyon,

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