My book is out!

My book is out! It is available through Amazon and on Kindle (bargain price £1.87).

Toggle, by the way, is a verb meaning to switch between two options or views. Amongst other things the book explores inequality, asylum and empathy.

Here is the blurb from the back cover:

When mysterious green circles arrive around the world, with the promise of ‘transformation’ for those that touch them, there are mixed views about what to do, and about who has sent them and why. Can they be trusted? What happens to those that dare to trust and will the world change as a result?

“Skilful plotting seduces you into examining your judgements of others, including refugees and asylum seekers.”
Pete Harper-Collins, Headington Writer’s Group.

“This book speaks to our fears and mistrust and the atmosphere of aggression that most of the world has been infected with. The reader is taken inside a character’s mind and then squeezed gently until they are oozing emotion. The ending is like a sad parting from an old friend.”
Cherry Mosteshar. The Oxford Editors.


It has taken two years to write – or more precisely to write, and re-write, and rewrite the rewriting…a process which had me alternating between despair and euphoria, and culminated in a hatred of conventions around commas (first they went in, then they came out, then they went back in).

So far all three four people who have read it have liked it (!) I do hope you will want to join their ranks and will enjoy it when you do.

If you do read it please let me know/post a comment on Amazon + pass the book on.


6 thoughts on “My book is out!

  1. Wyon it is fantastic and beautifully written . I urge all your blog followers to read it. It is well worth while- a page turner with a profound message – I love it
    Cheerio, Jane

    • erm – I presume that is a complement. Thank you! May your eyes keep leaking and thank you for passing it on. I also appreciate you writing a comment on Amazon – not yet showing.

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