My book is starting to sell! Here is the link to a taster.

I’ve been asked to give a taster to my newly published book: Toggle. This can now be found by ‘looking inside’ on the website: here


4 thoughts on “My book is starting to sell! Here is the link to a taster.

  1. I checked it out. Having spent 20 years in that area of the world your descriptions of Tibet I could visualize as there is Tibetan influence in the northern areas of India and they carry their philosophy with them as they sell their woven goods around India once a year. Wishing you every success with your book roll out.

  2. Thanks for checking it out Ian, and that is interesting – 20 years is a long tome to spend in that part of the world. What were you up to?

  3. Hi Wyon:

    You write VERY WELL.

    I am impressed. I have not quite finished part I as I had to stop and read our book club book – much to my chagrin. I will be able to pick up again this evening.

    Some of the things which I like to date are:

    – The cover is awesome and definitely a “toggle”.

    – Your way of introducing people with a succinct physical description. – just enough and not too much.

    – Your dialogue – such a relief not to have all those ‘said”s It reads effortlessly and one never doubts who is speaking.

    – Your knowledge which is so effortlessly woven into the fabric. I love a book in which the author knows more than I and so I learn something – I expected no less from you and am not disappointed whether it is statues in London, animal tracks in the snow, world population, the vastness of the universe, Pitcairn, or…

    – The world’s reaction to the announced arrival of the green circles – profound and believable.

    – Your lack of use of useless modifiers such as “really” “very” etc. There are one or two but I give you A plus

    – The descriptions are great and I love some of your turns of phrase similes and metaphors, such as the moon like a nail clipping or Oliver’s weeping like waves on the shore –lovely. You have a great talent in your ability to paint a scene without boring the reader just enough to set each vivid scene.

    – You get into the psyche of each character very well – it makes them all come alive

    – So far I have been a little confused by all the, seemingly unrelated, threads – I am hoping that they will coalesce as I go on reading. For example Jacubu confuses me as his episode seems collateral to the “main” story. I assume that he is there to reinforce the confusion and utter despair of a rejected asylum seeker.

    – My favorite character to date is Brian – Nice device having his fares give the arguments relative to the green circles. I like that you made him a family man with his children and the animal tracks in the snow. Somehow this makes him more complex and still empathetic when he becomes attracted to Minty.

    Forgive me for some of my observations relative to the story – they will doubtless change as I progress as I am only at 36% and may have confused some of the names in this e–mail.!

    Love and sincere admiration,

    Comparisons are odious but your work humbles me and so now it is no, you may not read “A Sin for a Son”! Love,


  4. Wow, thanks so much Jane for yr kind feedback. A good friend has also reached about the same point as you and has been similarly kind so I am feeling very chuffed. You also put your finger on the main challenge for me of Part 1 – there are quite a few different threads (there were more still on the first draft so I cut out quite a few). They need to be there but I was concerned that I might lose some readers early on so I am glad I didn’t lose you. You can also rest assured that the threads do all link up (including, to some extent, Jacubu). I look forward to your further comments and really appreciate how complementary you have been – it means a lot to me that you think it is good………
    ……and ooooohhhw you wont let me read your book! I’m upset and disappointed!!! Go on, change your mind…
    lots of love

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