Cloak of Comprehension

Here through an impossible crack
in the unbelievable,
an effect without a cause,
a birth without conception,
born of the unborn,
‘we’ somehow are

…and yet are not
separate from a nothing
that couldn’t have spawned
and incomprehensibly did.
Here from a non-time before time
both in time and not of it.

…I look at an image of my face
in the morning mirror
through a head I can never see
and put on my cloak of comprehension.

It is a garment finely woven
from the gossamer threads of answers,
spun by a blind spider
who has never left the corner
of a sealed room.

It is my uniform:
snug, and ‘normal’,
with an answer for every question,
– and which I dare not shed for long.

My emperor’s clothes.


8 thoughts on “Cloak of Comprehension

  1. This one tests one’s comprehension. It is masterful and so true. Do verses 1 and 2 refer to the Christian God; and is the spider akin to Plato’s allegory of the cave? Or do I read too much, or too little, into this profound poem.
    Love it

  2. Ah yes, I wondered where I stole the spider analogy from – Plato, huh, and a cave, hmm. I may have to change that then. Thanks for your kind comments Ian and Jane.

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