Hypocritic oath

Hypocritic Oath…

I vow to regularly express horror at wars around the world, and I undertake to take no responsibility for them. I will ignore the weapons we sell to the nations involved and all history of our involvement with them. I vow to be outraged at the mal-distribution of wealth in my country. I will hiss at the greed and immorality of those richer than me: the bankers, the corporations, the politicians and their expenses, the hedge-fund owners, the tax evaders … and I will not focus on my own extreme wealth relative to the rest of the world. I vow to be gutted at those that are dying, oh so young, from lack of health care around the world. I will note how small amounts of money could help huge numbers and campaign instead for my own expensive health-care that helps the chosen few. I vow to shudder at pictures of mal-nourished children and to keep to my diet. I vow to happily endorse the aid we give abroad, and not examine the caustic terms we attach to it. I vow to gladly purchase cheap sweat-shop products to support those that make them. I vow to acclaim our proud tradition of taking refugees and I undertake not to hear those knocking at our locked door, or drowning at sea, or to believe how badly those that do get here are treated. I vow to help those worse off than myself, so long as this hardly impacts on myself. I vow to work hard, and with full commitment, on loving myself so that this may rub off on others. I vow to look beyond my border and emote, but only act within it.

In these ways I vow to conduct my life with honour, respect, and integrity so that I may hold my head up high.


11 thoughts on “Hypocritic oath

  1. Oh Wyon, ditto!! We are all hypocrites and it is so comfortable! My tiny excuse is my hope that Isaac and Anne are making a small difference. They are living cheaply and serving when their earning potential in the USA is enormous. Their blog has some heart rendering stories which bring it home to us. http://hotzesbeyondtheborder.blogspot.com/search?updated-min=2014-01-01T00:00:00-08:00&updated-max=2015-01-01T00:00:00-08:00&max-results=15
    Love, Jane

    • Thanks Jane – I am certainly in awe and respect of Isaac and Anne and you are right to be proud of them. I will continue to read their blog.

  2. Granted that we humans are uncaring and selfish. The flip side of the coin is what I discovered in my many years abroad working for non profits. In our guilt we tend to throw money at worthy programs only to discover that equally selfish men or women on the recipient side grab significant funds and squirrel it away for themselves and the people intended to receive help don’t get it. I learned to be very discriminating in what I gave and to whom I gave and demanded accountability. The refugee situation is very complex. Of course we need to come to their aid but we need to be discriminating there too. There are different reasons why people come to us as refugees. My wife was a refugee from Europe after WWII and such people add value to society. But we need to take a very careful look at who we take into our society to filter out those who are criminals and terrorists for the sake of our resident population safety.

    • Giving is certainly a complex process and can easily backfire – so I think you were right to ask questions Ian. I don’t agree with your point fully though – personally I don’t think we need national borders or have any moral right to prevent people travelling where they please around the world. It is only by chance we were born where we were so I don’t believe we can, with any justification stop others from travelling to our country. The criminals and terrorists you refer to are as much a result of our greed and defensiveness than the cause of it. I realise that this is a radical and extreme position that is most unlikely to gain acceptance in our lifetimes but I long for an era in which the fortress walls around our wealth begin to crumble.

      • On the refugee and immigrant issue I predict that it will solve itself within a few decades, maybe less. How you ask? Simple numbers and economics, the birth-rate worldwide is decreasing and in the very affluent countries it is already below ‘replacement’ numbers. Globally we expect our economies to grow, which factor is inexplicably linked to increased prosperity, and is fueled by population increase. Hence, I predict that the courtiers with shrinking populations will either change their model for increasing prosperity or eventually start inviting immigrants to fuel their economies. Am I crazy/

  3. We are all connected Wyon aren’t we? Every single one of us. The smallest acts can be filled with the greatest love. We will continue to implode until we learn to care for each other, regardless.

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