A golden invitation

You can let go
into it all.
You really can!

Are you too frightened?
Your fear is just the surface tension
of a water drop
before it merges into the sea.

Come on!
Come in!
Breathe deep and merge.
Do it, now!

And you and I are no longer separate,
We are all things –
the miraculous everything…
life, existence, eternity,
the ineffable mystery.

We are all that and more
smaller than the smallest sub-particle
Larger than the multiverse
beyond even those.

For there are no limits.
We are immeasurably full
and full of emptiness.
The ultimate paradox:
yet self-evident.

Join back now
Let go.

Not that we were ever apart.
Or that there was anything, ever,
to let go of,
not even our thoughts.
For we are not separate
and never have been,
not me and you
only we and us –
the limitless ‘I’
that encompasses everything
…that’s us!

You who have never been parted:
welcome home to that
which you never left.

And, oh, this language tricks…
For there is no subject and object
Though it would construct it so,
entrenching our illusion
of separateness.

These words are just signposts
to nowhere
for there are no destinations
and the ink on this page
is tainted with duality dust.

For we are one,
Not described, or informed or taught,
or in need of teaching,

And here it comes again
another time
in an infinite series –
a golden invitation
to remember:
we are one


4 thoughts on “A golden invitation

  1. So very true. And very beautifully written. Have you been reading Ramana Maharshi or someone like that?

  2. Thank you Jane, and Ian. No, I haven’t been reading anything much of late and I am, in any case, foolishly cynical about most of what the mystics write….but I have been blessed lately with a few ‘transcendental moments’ as Leonard Cohen refers to them.

  3. Wyon, I like this one although I’m not sure that, even as I sip a delectably cold beer, that I understand the message entirely. The words flow well and theme is as mystical as they come. Good writing. I endorse Ian’s and Jane’s comments

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