Loosening belts
undoing buttons
opening windows
refreshing the way
looking deeper
and calm

a thinning
ephemeral gossamer
is all that remains
between us

and that, too,


once more
we are one –
I am all –
as ever,
and joyous
to be.

And I look out
over my vastness
and see
beauty and miracles


4 thoughts on “Transition

  1. I’ve just got back from a Glanzer (Dan’s clan) family reunion and see this new post, only a few hours old. It calls for deep meditation and I may be wrong, but emerging from a family reunion I agree about the loosened belts and buttons. Is the lone ‘P’ verse a typo or am I missing something? I agree about the vastness and miracles. Nice poem profound thoughts- I’m glad that the loosened belts bring such awe (I’m one of the awestruck)- but wonder if, for some, it may be a harbinger of other emotions! Love, Jane

  2. The p was not a typo but is meant to represent the smallest lip movement or sound and to signify the point at which the author (and hopefully reader) enters a new dimension. Perhaps it doesnt work in doing that though if you thought it might be a typo. . Your feedback on the loosening of belts was apposite. This phrase may well have unpleasant connotations for some (a thought which hadnt occurred to me) – so is probably better removed. I do not wish in any way for it to be a frightening or unpleasant association – just a a kind of invitation to drop deeper. Useful feedback. Thank you.

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