Haiku holds my soul.
Today it’s an empty sieve,
and tomorrow too.


4 thoughts on “HAIKU 7

  1. Well you have moved into the abstract beyond me with this one. The English translation soul from the original is simply breath though some tend to give it a kind of body inhabiting status which whisks off to the afterlife after death. Which of these concepts were you challenging us with?

  2. Thanks Ian and Jane for your comments – obviously this Haiku wasnt clear enough for you but I appreciate all your feedback and your kindness in visiting my site so frequently.
    I mean the latter description of soul, Ian. The buddhist part of me doesnt believe there is a soul (in yr second sense) and that is what this is about (though I also have an agnostic streak – which isnt sure!).
    Something happens to me when I write Haiku. Actually when I write full stop. But I don’t think it is about finding my soul. Actually it’s the opposite – there are wonderful moments of merger when I don’t feel separate – this happens particularly, but not exclusively, with nature. So for me the quest isn’t to find my soul but to lose my own mentally constructed illusion of it. This is something that I think the Haiku medium is good for – for instance through jarring juxtapositions of every day things that force a fresh look. But I am discovering that though they are very short that doesn’t mean they are easy to write!

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