A haiku a day
wont keep the doctor at bay.
Stay wise and don’t pray.


3 thoughts on “HAIKU 17

  1. Interesting thought, is t his the reason for your influx of Haiku? I hope that you don’t have an underlying reason to try to keep the doctor at bay – that tooth perhaps? I’m sure that mental gymnastics are as good as the fabled. More and more research indicates that the mind can defeat many ailments; even the simple process of recovery is hastened by sunlight, growing greenery and the outdoors.

    • I’m fine, Jane, tooth now sorted and in reasonable health. The mind is certainly powerful as a healer and so are placebo effects, sunlight, greenery and outdoors. But the belief that we can get results by talking to a curiously parental and powerful figure somewhere up there and by making requests and bargains is, however, in my view, utter cobblers.

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