No longer fit for purpose –
it lacks Compassion.


3 thoughts on “HAIKU 39

  1. I haven’t come across any political system yet that exhibits compassion. They say they do but in actuality all these systems have served a few. Read Animal Farm, a commentary on socialism. Democracy also has its limits and we will soon trade it in order to enjoy protections we do not have under democracy. Once again, relative safety but no compassion and certainly no freedom.

  2. I agree with all that and certainly animal farm is chilling about Russian communism which I think of as state capitalism (rather than socialism). Democracy as we know it is a sham – scarcely functional as a means for real citizen engagement and mostly used as a justification for the abuse of power. Obviously we need a new system with greatly increased involvement of the people and proper safeguards to ensure the safety and respect of people, that their basic needs are met, and that the environment is protected and raw materials are managed prudently. I am not against competition but capitalism per se is manifestly failing to deliver on these objectives. I think we also need to evolve as a species beyond measuring standard of living in monetary terms. I’m not pessimistic and think it could happen and that there are better models. I do think it will probably take a long time though.

  3. Greatly enjoyed Ian and your discussion Wyon. The search for a universal ‘correct’ and kindly fair political system is ancient. Didn’t Plato try with “The Republic”? I do agree that success can’t be measured by GMP

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