Conception: two make
one. Birth: one makes two. And death?
Death’s like conception?


10 thoughts on “HAIKU 42

      • ones separateness merges with the greater cosmos. So ‘you’ as an individual ends but you become part of the greater whole – not a separate soul though. ‘I’ dies and becomes a greater ‘we’ – though the ‘we’ probably isn’t conscious. In this sense the ‘two’ of ‘you’ and ‘the cosmos’ becomes just the cosmos (which in fact is has been all along as our separateness is illusion but that’s another story). All of this is just my conjectural opinion of course.

  1. A conundrum of a math problem? I’m sorry I don’t intend to be trite – this is profound I know -that’s why I try humor. As a matter of fact Wyon, this belief in a greater togetherness of spirits or a pool of our essences is what our mother believed.

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