I’ve an aversion
to conversion. Short false hope:
long disappointment.


2 thoughts on “HAIKU 52

  1. I suppose you are referring to religious conversion? How about a drug addict who is convinced by someone he or she are ruining their lives and are converted to live a productive life? That would be classified as a conversion. The basic issue is freedom to choose rather than physical or mental coercion. I will concede that there are those who are convinced that smoking produces lung cancer. They are presented with the alternative and that is the hope of a better quality life living longer. They choose to convert but give up trying. The hope wasn’t false at all though they would be disappointed with their lack of will power and suffer consequences. Conversion is a much broader concept than just religious conversion. I have no admiration for those who have a religions conversion because of mental or physical coercion. I do have admiration for those who have any kind of conversion and find joy and fulfilment in that unforced decision.

  2. I think this may be just a disagreement about word definition. For me it is helpful to distinguish conversion and convincement. Conversion – often but not always religious seems to require an emotional turn-around that can be sudden and dramatic. It is often not very rational and can involve indoctrination or significant peer presssure. Convincement – by contrast – I think of as being a slower, calmer process in which the individual considers all the arguments or evidence before changing a view or orientation. So I think I agree with you – I would just call what you refer to as ‘unforced conversion’, ‘convincement’. I’m all for change too if it makes people joyous/fulfilled. Conversion, as I have defined it, rarely seems to achieve this except in the short term.

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