Wild life highlights

Click on this wee chappy. Isnt he a beauty?

He’s a dragon fly going by the mysterious name of ‘black tailed skimmer’

That’s it – black tailed though really his tail is a pulsing powder blue. I watched, enraptured as he sized up the pond darting about low over the water or sitting on a nearby twig presumably surveying the scene for a mate to arrive. Females have black and yellow stripes and I think I saw one, fleetingly, before she was gobbled up mid air by an appallingly efficient sparrow.Hopefully he will find another in time for this brief zenith of his life – after probably having spent a couple of years as an under water nymph.

And here (above) is red a damsel fly (not sure which one) in its favourite spot – the nostril of a hippo head sculpture(!) Janet saw two of these mating in mid air. So far we havent seen any damsels in distress (sorry).

Our cat: ~Siskin drinking on a hot summer day

… not to be confused with the Sisyrinchium

Nasturtiums by the spuds

Our favourite nasturtium – the little girls next door call them nasturshibums

and the top seat.,,

… we live in paradise!


2 thoughts on “Wild life highlights

  1. We all live in paradise but yours is especially beautiful and the images are amazing. What did you capture them with, surely something more sophisticated than an I-phone? I’d also love to see some general images of the garden it is hard to envisage based on close-ups of insects!

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