Donald Trump needs tenderness


I think this man needs tenderness and  love.

I suspect he missed out when he was little.


6 thoughts on “Donald Trump needs tenderness

      • I am being kind, I am trying to show my neighbor that I am not a hater, a sheep following a narcissistic buffoon over the cliff. That I am not going to turn away and become one of the frightened and bullied like our House of Representatives that we elected to support the constitution, not give in out of fear of reprisal or landing on his enemies list, even McCain who showed a lot of courage has backed down. Trump did not need kindness, after all his father gave him millions to start his empire which he has built on the back of unpaid contractors that he managed to stiff under our bankruptcy laws and under the same law manged to avoid paying federal taxes for 17 years while preaching about the way our military has been treated, well, it is our taxes that support our military, etc, which he has not done. Hypocrite. What he needed was an education in how to be a good human being.

  1. Dear Heartafire,
    Sorry I was definitely not meaning to imply that you weren’t being kind. I am also no fan of Mr Trump’s policies or past track record which is awful and now frightening. I agree completely that what he needed was an education in being a good human being. A good starting place for this, in my view, is to receive kindness and love from an early age.

  2. I agree with you wholeheartedly Wyon and you made me think twice about my poem when I called him a ‘stain, a putrid smell’! However, his unguarded comments about women make me so angry and despairing.

    • Dear Anonymous, I recently did what is called a Tonglen practice about Donald Trump. It is a buddhist meditation practice – on an in breath you draw in someone’s suffering by way of relieving them of it, taking it on for them, and then on the out breath you give them something joyous that you have and they need. You keep going in out in out. I chose DT as my object for the meditation and as I drew in his suffering with my in breaths I got a putrid smell … like B.O. only worse – really musty and thick. And when I breathed out what I sensed he needed and that I had to spare was tenderness. Hence the blog.
      When not meditating I have also been angry and upset around his comments about women and attitude to them, as well as muslims, immigrants, refugees, etc. But I worry too that those of us who find him so difficult to accept will polarise into an anti group that then draws a battle line against his supporters and we will all become entrenched behind battle lines into us and them. This will only re-enforce prejudices on both sides rather than help find a way to make bridges through deep listening, deeper understanding and compassion. Somehow or other we have to find a way to understand those who supported Trump, listen to their fears and orientation, find out what it is that they want etc. If what they want is racist, misogynist and so then we are not going to influence them if we antagonise or judge them. I mistakenly tried this and failed. Somehow we have to find a way to persuade them that there is another way, a gentler way of acceptance, equality and generosity and that by following this we will all be safer in the end. But we wont do this by postulating and drawing battle lines.

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