Sweet Mystery

Sweet mystery:
I am ready.
I want no more from you now:

not an immortal soul 
not a promised land
not a sacred goal
not your guiding hand
not to remain
not a transcendent view
not to come again
in the morning dew
not an absolute confess 
in a cleansing rain 
not your forgiveness 
not an end to pain
nor to fear, nor strife
not an impregnable peace 
not a bargain for life 
not a joyful release 
not a brand new start 
not to merge with you 
or know we were never apart 
not to understand you 
neither an end, nor no end
not any thing, or no thing ...

I am ready.
I take off my clothes
and prostrate myself
flat to the ground
with no agenda
and in full surrender:


4 thoughts on “Sweet Mystery

  1. Quite impactful Wyon. I quarrel with the thought ‘not an end to pain’ or is it that you think that a God might be able to end it and you feel that you don’t need such intervention, or know, from experience, that such intervention isn’t possible? Here in the US we have a pain level scale. Doctors always ask, “What is your pain on a scale of 1 to 10?” I find the question disturbingly subjective but then realize that our reaction to pain is personal. I did some internet research and drew a pain level chart to assist me in answering the question. At the high end, pain levels 9 and 10 result in suicide, or an independent intervention by the sufferer. The point being that at these levels the sufferer resorts to any and all possible ways, including, I assume, prayer, to escape Pain level 8 is childbirth. After writing this I have a new understanding and so, maybe, just maybe, I accept this line in your poem.
    Thank you for provoking me to think!

    • Thanks for the comment and I am glad it made you think.
      Death may be an end to pain, or not. The poem is about surrender which includes not making bargaining demands with the mystery/great spirit/god (or however you wish to refer to that which is ineffable) about anything, including pain.

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