Along the curling lip of the beach
the ancient head of the land
rises vertical
and tall, drunken, cliffs expose
folds of solidified time:
unearthed, split, rolled, churned, 
Compressed eons leak from staggering seams
and fall
to join trillions of pebbles 
in slow motion waves 
in the rub 
between land 
and sea ...
They are tooth-white, ochre, green-grey, blue-grey,
grey-grey, powdered black, blush-red, flint-orange,
translucent cream ...
miniature planets, comets, asteroids
retaining their detail 
all the way down
to the tiniest particle ... 
Jewels made smooth
by the sea's erosion of time.

Travelling at 243 miles per second
we sit on the pebbles
gaze at young light photons 
bouncing off the sea
and eat avocado and crisp sandwiches.



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