Charge of the brexit brigade.

With acknowledgements to Alfred, Lord Tennyson (who wrote the initial poem about the disastrous charge of the light brigade in the battle of Balaclava) and Julian Armistead (who came up with this analogy).

Charge of the brexit brigade.

1854 and someone has blundered,
as is now evident
from the latest intelligence:
‘They have guns to our sabres’,

But orders are in place now
and orders are orders:
charge means charge,
and you do not review orders,
– only execute them –
(too late for intelligence).
So: ‘charge for the guns’
and ‘there’ll be no ‘U’ turns’

Ours not to make a reply
but to carry our flag
with brave and glorious acquiescence
and charge on into the valley of death.
Ours not to reason why
for ‘charge means charge’,
and charge we must:
‘charge for the guns’,
with sabres held high,
Ours but to do and die.


2 thoughts on “Charge of the brexit brigade.

  1. Quite naughty! I enjoyed the pun on charge and your incorporation of some of Tennyson’s most famous lines. Brexit even sounds like the name that one would give to a military unit!.
    The modern colloquial ‘there’ll be no ‘U’ turns’ gives a nice touch!

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